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mWhen High School, Selly Sign Geng Pretty-pretty
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When High School, Selly Sign Geng Pretty-pretty
                        JAKARTA, - Selly Yustiawati Rasellya alias Rahman Taher (25), suspected cases of fraud are now languishing in prison Bogor City Police, it seems, is popular while in high school Muhammadiyah 18, South Jakarta. He was renowned as a pretty student at an elite school in the Cipulir region. Selly along with six other friends also joined in a geng.Kami in school there are two gangs. The man Begeng ten of his name. No girls were gang name in French, I forgot. Selly entered the girl gang, said Fahmi Aulia, Thursday (31/3/2011), when met in Bogor City Police. Fahmi is a high school friend who is now a power Selly Selly hukumnya.Geng, it is recognized Fahmi, consisting of six schoolgirls berparas ayu. Everything is arguably pretty ones that gang. The gang often play with me, Nature, and Tommy who is now a lawyer he is, ungkapnya.Sebagai sense of solidarity among friends, Fahmi and his friends decided to defend Selly membelitnya fraud-related cases. Fahmi told, when the school first, Selly not too prominent academically, but he was clever bergaul.Dia active in the organization. From school, he was active in student council activities. Pas graduated, she also always come at events Alumni reunion every year, also entered a caretaker in our high school graduates, said Fahmi.Fahmi also denied if it was a gang Selly rah-rah. According to him, every time gathered at my school, they only gathered at the home of one language teman.Kalau now, right, jamming cafes, if the first heck we just get-togethers at home who wrote so, tuturnya.Seperti reported, Selly , widow with one, it has long been the target of police and a fugitive since March 2010. Selly known scam staged by the mode of sale of mobile phones and pulses in various cities such as Bogor, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, until his capture in Denpasar, Bali.Nama Selly Sang fraudsters Ulung fluttering on Facebook and Kaskus. From there, many victims caught the fraud exposed woman from South Jakarta. In launching its action, Selly offers business investment pulses at very cheap prices. He asked the victim to send money if they want to do business pulses. Once the money is sent, Selly disappear into the earth like carrying off the money-remittances side itu.Di cheat mode pulse and mobile phone business, in 2009, Selly could claim to be a journalist Compass and ultimately deceptive to $ 30 million on the pretext of borrowing money. In addition to the Compass, Selly reportedly worked at Hotel Gran Mahakam. There, the action Selly also done by borrowing money from friends work together. Two months based at Hotel Gran Mahakam, Selly also vanished carried off the borrowed money.